Exporting Mask and Medical Protective Equipment: Tight Space for Air Cargo and The Solutions

In the situation of COVID-19 pandemic complicated outbreaks in Europe and the Americas, many countries are forced to increase the import of masks and medical protective equipment such as gloves, gowns, etc… Vietnamese enterprises have quickly taken advantages of this opportunity to make up for some difficulties that the pandemic had caused.

Business opportunity due to huge market demand

According to the information from the European-American Market Department, The Ministry of Industry and Trade, many countries in Europe and the Americas are in need of importing masks, PPE for control and prevention of the COVID-19 pandemic which is more and more complicated in these areas.

In particular, the US market now needs to import about 500 million N95 masks, 200 million masks of all kinds, 1 billion gloves, 100 million sets of medical gowns, 50 million sets of PPE, etc…

Other markets such as Spain, Kazakhstan, Canada, Russia… are also in urgent need of importing masks and medical protective equipment.

Current difficulties that Vietnam exporters are facing

Along with business opportunities, Vietnam exporters in general and exporters of masks and PPE in particular, are facing many difficulties caused by COVID-19 pandemic, especially the difficulty of freight transport when the international cargo capacity of both sea freight and air freight is decreasing.

For masks and medical protective equipment that are in great demand and urgent need, delivery by air freight is a priority option. However, the global air cargo capacity has decreased since the airlines had cut the number of flights due to the effect of COVID-19.

Accordingly, the total global air cargo capacity decreased by 26% compared to the same period last year, while in Vietnam, airlines have cut 15-20% of the number of flights, some airlines flying to the US had completely stopped. Export delivery demand is rapidly increasing while air freight space dramatically decreased is really a big challenge.

Solutions for air freight from Vantage Logistics

Keeping up with the movement of the market as well as the needs of customers in the current period, with experience and professional skills, Vantage Logistics has come up with effective solutions to help customers to smoothly transport their goods at reasonable costs.

An example is our safe and successful delivery of 5×40’HC containers of medical gowns exported to Los Angeles, US on May 29. The shipment of 298.4 thousand gowns was packed in 2,615 cartons, the total weight of 27 tons, equivalent to 250CBMs, needs only 3 days from ex-work till arrival at Los Angeles airport during the period that it takes at least 8-10 days for similar shipments. This can be considered the achievement of our team’s outstanding effort to support and deliver the best service to our customers during this difficult time.

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